Conference room

The key to productive work and successful business negotiations depends on the productivity of the team. You can achieve productivity gains by changing the dull and monotonous office look of a busy city into a mountainous landscape.

The best solution is a conference room in Bukovel, where you and your colleagues can not only talk about things, but also relax and unload your head.

Regardless of the time of year and the weather outside, renting a conference room at the Karpatski Hotel will give your team a good mood, inspiration and a lively fighting spirit for new professional achievements.

We offer:

  • a conference room in Bukovel;
  • video conferencing accessories;
  • full conduct of seminars, conferences, trainings, negotiations, meetings, meetings;
  • coffee breaks;
  • corporate events and speeches.

The conference hall of the Karpatski Hotel can accommodate up to 140 people.

Working hours: 09:00-19:00

Contact phone:

+38 (050) 7444 888 

+38 (050) 538 18 80